Employee Spotlight

Brock Picture

Name: Brock Starrett

Position: Intro to Logic SPI

Hometown: Carnesville, Georgia

Major(s): Political Science

Graduation Date: May 2020

Favorite Quote: “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ‘Wow! What a Ride!’”- Hunter S. Thompson

Special Interests/Hobbies: Playing the guitar.

Working as a SPI hardly feels like work at all. Coming to each session with a smile on my face, I truly love to dive deep into the material and work with students so that I can help them understand the subject from a regular student’s point of view. I have only the Academic Success Center to thank for helping me personally with my courses and providing me a position that is both challenging and rewarding.

Employee Spotlight

Name: Tori GibsonTori Gibson Picture

Position: Anatomy and Physiology II SPI

Hometown: Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts

Major: Health Science

Graduation Date: May 2019

Favorite Quote: “When you can’t control what is happening challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what is happening. That is where the power is.”

Special Interests/Hobbies: I am an avid CrossFitter and love to play basketball on my free time! I love spending time in the sun either on the beach or just being outside with friends!


I became a Student Success Employee last fall, 2018. Before even becoming a SPI, I had positive experiences with Student Success and took advantage of going to SPI for my science classes. Now as a SPI, I get to work on my interpersonal skills while getting to learn even more from the course to help my future goal to be a Physician Assistant. I get to work with amazing students who teach me something new every single day and am very thankful for the Student Success Center.

Employee Spotlight

Name: Rachaell DiazHeadshot

Position: Front Desk

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Major(s): English and Religious Studies

Graduation Date: Spring 2020

Favorite Quote: “Living is worth the effort if only because without life we could not read or imagine stories.” – Mario Vargas Llosa

Special Interests/Hobbies: My interests vary from cross-stitching to reading Stephen King on the weekends, but I also enjoy binge watching just about anything. 

I became an employee at the Academic Success Center at the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year. I have always had positive experiences at the center even before I was an employee. The tutors and academic advisors always provided amazing guidance and support. As a member of the Front Desk team I have been able to work on my communication skills but also manage projects that relate to my future goals.

Make Spring 2019 Yours

Welcome Back Hatters!

We are already on the second week of Spring Semester! Hopefully, 2019 has already brought all of you some positive changes. Happily noted as we begin this new year is the re-opening of the former CUB which now has the beautifully modified Coffee Shop. Apart from dining, classes are also back in session.  Meaning that the duPont-Ball Library, Academic Success, and Accessibility Services are open and ready to assist.

Just a friendly reminder that the above locations have wonderful faculty and student workers to assist all Stetson students.

The duPont-Ball Library has a plethora of resources to aid plenty of academic areas but also includes the Writing Center which either by walk in or appointment has students ready to provide tips and suggestions on how to better any essays.


Academic Success located on the second floor of the library provides Tutoring and SPI sessions for several subjects, but also has sessions that can aid in other skills such as time management and becoming more goal oriented.  There are also several staff members available that focus on mentoring students academically, as well as interpreting their degree audits.




Accessibility Services encompasses the importance of caring for students who are in need of specific accommodations that will help them succeed academically. They are entirely focused on providing equal opportunity for everyone.



Here’s to a great semester Hatters!

Reading Tips From An English Major

Submitted by: Rachaell Diaz

Reading can be the most difficult thing to do some days. Textbooks can be overly tedious, and not to mention dull. However, a few things help me out when times seem dark and impossible. Mostly, I skim through the pages and try not to dread that the chapter is too long. Instead, I focus on the subtitles. Subtitles can actually give a great general understanding of the text. Although reading all the assigned pages is the ideal situation, it is personally not possible. I prefer to ask myself questions on the subtitles I have read. After, I have a reasonable understanding of the chapter and I can then begin to look for the main ideas in the text that will help me comprehend the reading. I highlight any phrases I do not understand so I can make sure to ask questions or do further research. Afterwards, I try to make a summary of brief points that I grasped from the text. I mostly do this to help myself remember the reading for class discussions the next day. Overall, when I’m really struggling, I try to remind myself that reading is not all that bad.

Here are some websites and tips for how to read faster!

Here’s a powerpoint with some advice on how to become an active reader: https://app.nearpod.com/presentation?pin=79B615A3404B6CC74A197A6AE777A2E2-1

Stetson’s academic success department has compiled a ton of links to help your reading strategies: https://www.stetson.edu/administration/academic-success/resources/students/learning-tools.php

This link offers specific strategies to help guide your reading: https://students.dartmouth.edu/academic-skills/learning-resources/learning-strategies/reading-techniques

If you need more guidance or help, come to Academic Success on the 2nd floor of the library to learn about our Peer Success Coaches!

Employee Highlight

Name: Austin Carswell                                   file

Major: Accounting

Graduation Date: December 2018

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Austin’s favorite sport is football and he’s played it all his life. His favorite teams include the Bucs and the Jaguars, but his favorite player is Cam Newton (“after myself, of course”). He’s scared of heights, has never traveled outside the country, and if he could live anywhere in the world, it would be the Dominican Republic. His favorite place he’s ever traveled was San Diego, CA.

Austin is currently applying to grad schools to get his Masters of Accounting. When he graduates in December, he will begin interning with Ernstein Young in Orlando, FL. He credits his success to his visits to Career Services and says he has been going to see them since freshman year.

Austin’s Tips to a young professional:

-Always prioritize and execute.

-Pay attention to the little details.

New Year, New Campus

Well, this is it: my last semester at Stetson University. It seems so unfair that high school worked in dog years (where one grade felt like seven years) but college flies by in a second. I’ve known I would be graduating a semester early for almost two years, but now that I’m in my final few months, I’m really starting to regret the decision. Simply put, I don’t want to leave yet. I’m not ready.

It doesn’t help that while I’m gearing up to face the *gulp* adult world, Stetson is in the middle of a GIANT face lift. Even in the three years I’ve been here, this campus has changed dramatically. The Class of 2019 (or December 2018, like me) have seen three iterations of the Commons. We’ve also been witness to the phasing out of Griffith Hall as the admissions and recruitment hub of campus. The Class of 2022 will never know the struggle of having to wait outside (either in the sweltering heat or the pelting rain) to get mail. Yes, believe it or not, the “post office” use to be a literal hole in a brick wall (that brick wall is now replaced with floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open into the new lobby entrance to the Commons).

Here’s a chronicle of some of the upgrades and changes that have occurred throughout my time at Stetson:

  1. The Welcome Center: As mentioned above, Griffith Hall (the thin and long brick building next to the bookstore and in front of the Hollis Center) use to be where Admissions was located. That all changed last year when the Welcome Center officially opened right in the middle of campus. Before the new building, that area of campus was an extension of the Green and use to provide students with more space to lounge, play Frisbee, or let their dogs run free. (This year, the Coffee Shop is functioning out of the lobby of the Welcome Center until construction on the CUB is completed in early 2019.)
  2. Griffith Hall: Since Admissions’ move to the Welcome Center, Griffith Hall now houses Health Services, Counseling Services, and the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. For some, this location may only be temporary, as multiple offices are set to move into the other half of the CUB once it completes renovation.
  3. Houses Along Bert Fish: Behind the Hollis Center, along Bert Fish Drive, there are several free-standing offices that look like small houses. These are home to departments such as Campus Vibrancy, the Center for Community Engagement (CCE), the Cross-Cultural Center (Tri-C)/Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Accessibility Services Center, and the Rinker Center for International Learning (WORLD). This is where Health Services and the Counseling Center’s offices use to be located before they moved into Griffith Hall.
  4. Sandra Stetson Aquatic Center: Construction officially began on the building in November of 2017. While I have yet to visit the site, the $6 million donation ensures a quality building similar to the other new Stetson additions.  This center is home to both the Stetson rowing teams and the Stetson Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience.
  5. New Residence Halls: Starting in the fall of 2015 and continuing into the summer of 2016, Stetson rapidly built at least three new residence halls for upper-class housing. These new apartment-style buildings include Plymouth Apartments, Stetson Palms Apartments, and Stetson Oaks Apartments. These buildings allowed more sophomores and juniors the chance to live in apartment style buildings a little farther away from campus (as an alternative to the previously well-established and popular housing choices of Stetson Cove and UVA). This also provided Stetson more on-campus housing for first-years, which is much needed as the incoming class size continues to grow.
  6. The CUB: Rivaled only by the Welcome Center, this is the biggest change to hit Stetson’s campus since I’ve been a student. Everything is updated: a larger bookstore, a larger Commons, a completely new and HUGE student lounge on the second floor. Before the renovations began, the closest thing to a student lounge we had was a relatively small coffee shop. And for the past year and a half, students haven’t had anything like that at all. The CUB also has new spaces for SGA, WHAT Radio, and other student organizations.

That’s probably not everything. And in a few years, there’s going to be even more changes (the first thing that comes to mind is the renovations to Sage that were announced last semester). But that’s everything I can remember. And when I type it all out, it’s crazy to see just how much has changed. I feel like a proud parent; my little Stetson is growing up and it’s aging really really well. And not to get too metaphorical on you, but I can’t help but to think about how I’ve changed along with Stetson. I’ve grown up to, and while my glow up has been more internal than Stetson’s aesthetic changes, there’s no doubt that just as this isn’t the same Stetson as before, I’m not the same person as before either. And that’s okay.